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Why choose us

  • We are not intermediaries
  • Contract and acts on its work
  • 100% quality guarantee
  • The work will be put just in time
  • You lose absolutely nothing

Why such a low price?

Most web studios act as intermediaries in the work. They take orders, transfer it to third parties as they pass the order on and so goes until the budget is exorbitant. But should you pay more if you can keep all the money in his pocket?

We work with you directly, no mediation! Are waiting for you.


The procedure works

Day 1

Talk to your wishes

Determining functional on your filled Questionnaire / Terms of Reference

Day 2

Good design

Create a unique design based on your wishes

Day 3

The launch of the site - easy operation

Programming and management training site


Month promotion for free!

Created sites we can optimize and promote in Yandex and Google


Special offer

Site card

  • Tariff Structure: year of service, including domain registration, hosting
  • Installing and configuring CMS. Modules: catalog, photo, news, application
  • Connect selected design from among a set of ready-made layouts
  • Prepare for promotion: installation of meters, registration in search engines
  • Ongoing support to work with the site, the development of control systems

from 1200 UAH

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Business Site

  • The structure of the tariff includes all services websites, business cards, and additionally:
  • Create and delete new partitions, arbitrary nested
  • Do more with settings and output elements in website design
  • Extras. modules: forum, polls, reviews, ads, blog, FAQ, etc..
  • Features and services: registration, office, delivery, closed sections

from 2 500 UAH

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Online Store

  • The structure of the tariff includes all services business sites, and additionally:
  • Product with any structure, Cart, personal cabinet
  • Many display settings, the output of new products, discounts, sales
  • Download from 1C (prices, balances, etc.) Forming CNC generation accounts
  • Upload to Ya.Market, Товары@Mail.ru and other useful settings and options

from 3 500 UAH

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Principles of our work


A responsible approach to all stages of the project, quality control at all stages of the customer information on the current status of the project at all stages, 3 months warranty for all projects after the delivery to the customer.


Thousands of completed projects, the implementation of content management systems, dozens of projects on development of web-based solutions, we have promoted more than 500 natural sites promotion and contextual advertising on the Internet.


Dialogue with customers and partners, meeting, negotiations are always willingness to meet on matters related to the work that we have to.

The WebUkraine company provides complex services in creation and improvement of the websites.

Our purpose is a granting a full range of services in the web development, and also good advertizing for each person or the company.

The main direction of our activity is a creation of the websites, Service of the websites, Advance of the websites, Translation of sites, Design and Logo of websites, Writing of texts, Creation of video presentations, applications programming for mobile programs. We have 12 years of experience, more than 1400 projects around World, a staff of designers, programmers, SEO-optimized.

We design such websites: A Dating site, the Portal, Online store, Adaptation the websites for mobile devices, the Information websites, Forums.

We do: Video presentation, Video instruction, Translation of sites, Write CEO article for the websites, adding information on the websites.

Consultations on any questions, we in online 24/7.

Actions / Stock :  

 - Complex - The Domain + Hosting all togerher - 17 Euro/year

- Support of the website the first three months at 50% of service cost.

- A hosting - it is free  - it is service in placement of the website on the server which is constantly available on the Internet. We free of charge provide to the clients who have ordered any website in our company services of a hosting during 1 year. Our server meets all necessary requirements, besides we will be engaged free of charge in technical support of the website and free backup of files of the website and its database, upon the demand of the customer.


tel +37 254 402 541

whatsappviber +37 254 402 541

email zakaz@webukraine.eu

skype 1 web.ukraine


Schedule to work:

Monday-Friday: 9.00 - 22.00

Saturday-Sunday: 10.00 - 22.00

Technical support: Anytime

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