2 lendingAdvertizing on the Internet - the most convenient type of advertizing today. If people gradually refuse television and cease to pay attention to bigborda, then popularity of the Internet only grows. Therefore more and more companies as advertizing use banners. However to place a banner and to wait until behind it the potential client - half-affairs passes. The following step - to turn the potential client into real. For this purpose also the landing page - Stone's Page is intended. Will help to create her most qualitatively to you studio of WebUkraine.

What is Lending Paige

The Lending is a page on which the person gets, having passed on a banner. She has two main functions:

• To interest the client and to call him for purchase;

• To collect information on clients for advertizing improvement.

Banners on the Internet send the client on that Lending Paige containing only information in which the visitor was interested in a banner. On the page the client sees a part of information and an appeal to action which can be transmitted through a flash elements, advertizing slogans, lists of advantages of purchase, countdown timers and so on. Also Lendingy Paige makes the report for experts in SEO or marketing specialists from which about that a banner the client from whom he the region, has made a purchase and other similar things has passed. Such statistics helps experts to draw a conclusion on advertizing efficiency and to improve her.

Creation of landing pages

As it is clear from the previous paragraph, Stone's Page - extremely useful element is sold the websites. The studio of WebUkraine offers creation of qualitative landing pages and their placement on the Internet. We have a good team of designers which can make Stone's Page, capable to call for action even the most exacting client. Address us. We wait for your orders!


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