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Social networks were included into our life in the middle of two-thousand and since then become more and more popular in different circles. Such websites allow people to communicate easily among themselves, to exchange opinions, the works and achievements, entertaining content. Exactly thanks to the multifunctionality, and also the simple convenient interface and good design, a social network have received the popularity. If everything began with the unpretentious website for the former schoolmates, then now there are social networks for the most different groups of people, and each person at desire can start and untwist the. If you have such desire also, the WebUkraine studio with pleasure will help you.

Types of social networks

Social networks are divided into various types. The main classification is following:

• Niche social networks;

• professional;


Niche are intended for groups of people with similar interests. To them the emphasis goes on concrete subject and an opportunity most fully to discuss her and to exchange the corresponding content.

The second type - professional social networks - is intended for the people who are engaged in one activity. Can post models of the works, scientific publications and other products of professional activity on such websites of people and discuss various questions with colleagues.

Corporate networks are the closed networks of large corporations intended for bystry and convenient working communication. Depending on social network type, her interface, design changes and modules and applications are switched on.

Creation of social networks

Those who is going to open and advance social network in Ukraine should address to studio of WebUkraine. We are engaged in creation of the best Internet portals which can only be imagined. On our website you can get acquainted with the portfolios offered by services and the prices of them. We carry out full development of social network, her promotion and registration on a hosting. Address us, we haven't equal in creation of the websites!


Our studio provides services in development of the websites worldwide.

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