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Start of the website - the first step to successful business on the Internet. But in order that the investments enclosed in the Internet a resource have paid off, the website has begun to bring in the constant income, special attention needs to be paid him to advance and promotion, to provide smooth functioning of the project. Technical support of the website - one of the most important components of smooth and effective functioning of a resource. The WEBUKRAINE studio provides professional, high-quality technical support of websites, online stores.

What is represented by technical support

Technical support of the websites - an effective complex of the processes and actions directed to service of all requirements the Internet of resources. Online stores, information, the corporate websites need the competent advance, administration and service connected with expenses of time and finance. Violations, failures in work of the website will entail financial losses, rating downgrade of a resource in search engines and even loss of reputation of the project. Unstable work of the website will hardly cause trust of potential clients and visitors. The WEBUKRAINE company guarantees high-quality, effective, timely support of your resource.

Technical support from WEBUKRAINE

The WEBUKRAINE studio a current of many years specializes in providing the full list of services in technical maintenance of the websites, irrespective of specialization. Having ordered service of technical support from our company, it is possible not to worry about the problems connected with the organization of work. Result - steadily working Internet resource.

Technical maintenance includes:

• elimination of technical malfunctions in functioning of the website;

• control of working capacity;

• backup of the information database;

• managements of mail services, creations of mailboxes with optimum settings;

• diagnostics, elimination of potentially malicious applications, viruses, the mistakes made by the client;

• the most bystry recovery of work of a resource after the attacks and failures;

• help in registration, control of payment of a hosting, help in registration of a hosting. domain;

• ensuring safety of all necessary technical information;

• continuous contact with hosting provider on behalf of the owner of a resource.

The service of technical support of the website will allow to avoid and to quickly fix any problems in work of the website. Payment depends on the choice of a package of services (basic, the main. Business), number of normo-hours. At single payment discounts from 5 to 15% are provided. Managers of our company will provide more detailed information, will help to choose the most optimum tariff plan.

Prices of our services in technical maintenance of the websites





1 400 rub./mo
2500 rub./mo
5 000 rub./mo
Consultations concerning work of the website
c 10:00 до 19:00
from 10:00 tо 19:00
from 10:00 tо 23:00
Control of operability of the website
Control of operability of the website
Backup of the website and database
once a month
once in 2 weeks
once a week
Management of a mail service, help in control
Diagnostics and removal of malicious applications
Control of term of delegation of the domain and payment of a hosting
Storage of all necessary technical information
Contact with hosting provider on behalf of the owner of the website


The number of normo-hours in a month
5 hours
10 hours
25 hours
Time of reaction to the address
up to 2 days
1 days
4 hours

Discounts at single payment

Payment in 3 months - 5%
1 760 rub./mo
3 425 rub./mo
5 850 rub./mo
Payment in 6 months - 10%
1 720 rub./mo
3 350 rub./mo
5 700 rub./mo
Payment in 12 months - 15%
1 680 rub./mo
3 225 rub./mo
5 550 rub./mo



If you aren't suited for some reason tariff plans are presented, you can ask our managers for the help in selection of an individual tariff plan.


Our studio provides services in development of the websites worldwide.

Schedule of work:

Mo - Fri: from 10:00 till 20:00

Sat - Su: from 12:00 till 18:00

Technical support: Round the clock

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