How much for creation of the website?

The cost of the website depends on his specification, websites happen different. And to give you the exact answer to a question, we need to write minimum tekhnicheky a task: what is necessary to you the website, what purposes you set before it, its structure and logic is how complex. Right now send information to us by e-mail and you precisely learn how many development of the website for your company will cost in sew a web of studio.

How many options of design of the homepage you do?

We do 1-2 versions of the homepage and by one version of minor pages. Sometimes the Customer has enough of one. The main thing is competent to make the specification, requirements and wishes to created design. Previously you specify to us websites which design is pleasant to you also websites which design isn't pleasant to you.

What is the domain name and how to register it?

The domain name is an address of your future website on the Internet to a look For example: www.webukraine.ru our company is an official partner of registrars of domain names in the world, on the basis of it we carry out registration and technical support of domain names in all zones with the minimum cost. Also we not only register domain names, we help all to think up such name for the website that it: it was conformable with your company, it was easily read, easily remembered. Thus, in our Partners there are no problems with registration of a domain name on the Internet.

When the website begins to bring money?

Factors on which the profit of the website depends main of which are: - activity of search of the goods and services offered by you on the Internet; - the income which is brought in on average one Internet by the buyer; - positions a website web in search engines; - regular expenses which should be born for maintenance of high target attendance. At the same time the cost of creation a web of the website isn't of great importance as it is expenses single. Reasonably made investments in the Internet pay off always. Besides, in practice of our studio there were several cases when the websites paid off even before signing of the act of acceptance of works. That is these websites have been designed so competently that at once have taken good positions in search engines. It has provided a flow of target visitors practically from the very beginning of functioning of the website.

How to make the order the website?

To make the order of the website very simply, for this purpose you should pass to the page of the order (having selected the ORDER the WEBSITE item in the top menu) and to fill an order BRIEF form.

I have filled and have sent you an order form. What my Further actions?

After your order is received also by amp; amp; ndash; our employee will make after him the preliminary plan of tasks, and then will contact you for specification of details and coordination of further actions.

What work on the website begins with?

Work on creation of the website begins with a preparatory stage. At the first stage, even before signing of the contract, the customer needs to provide the description of future website and materials, necessary for creation of the website.

Why you have no office?

We had to refuse office last year, because of not profitability. Besides as has shown experience, it is better for customer to drive up to him in office for discussion of the website or to communicate by e-mail.

What is the time occupies creation of the website?

Terms of creation of the website depend on many factors one of them it is its complexity. Approximate terms of creation of the website vary from the 3rd up to 20 working days (at the order of exclusive design / website, terms can be increased). In most cases the term of implementation of the project depends on the customer. From that, how fast materials will be provided to them.

What you give guarantees for the website?

Full payment is made only after creation of the full website. After creation of the website we guarantee operability of the website, except for cases when operability of the website has been broken because of the customer. we guarantee operability of the website and also support of the website within a month, we watch operability of the website.

You create the websites for natural persons?

For us it does not matter who you are & amp; ndash; organization providing commercial services or individual interested in their personal page. We create websites for all.

What is the value created site?

Typically, the price impact site three components, namely:
complexity of design (originality, exclusivity, availability of Flash elements, animated menus, banners, etc.).
Functional website (availability and complexity of additional options and modules are not included in the standard package proposal).
volume (number of sections and pages, the number placed at photo and video materials).

Whether you are discounts?

We regularly promotions / discounts. We also organize quiz. During their conduct following the terms of the action, you can order a website at a discount.

Do I have to pay you month after the site is prepared and placed in the network?

According to the site, we take charge once only for his creation. If you want to promote your website in the top 10 then it will be a monthly fee for promotion.

I do not have a domain and hosting. Can you pick them?

Yes, we have a full service from a technical task, registration of any domain hosted site hosting, design, site development, site content, website promotion, support.

I have a friend and he needed a site & amp; ndash; whether you have the agent's fee for mediation services?

Yes, you get 15% of the order for each person to have reduced.

You provide support and administration created any sites?

Thus, one of our direction is to support and administer any site content, etc. We conclude a contract with you and begin under the contract support and / or management present site. Our prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Can I self-edit and update your website?

Yes, you can. At all sites are created, we set a convenient and intuitive administrative panel (content management system) allows you easily and not having the expertise to update your site, add information, create new pages and we are rozdily.

Will I have to "tied" after get my site?

No. Having a website, you have more to not tied. We teach you and you can manage your own site.

You register established site in search engines?

So. Service registration site created for you all included in the package offers. Your site will be registered with search engines Google and Yandex.

How many mailboxes do we?

As much as you need.

You create a logo?

In our state there are 3 designer who not only can you create a logo but also fully draw your future site.

We already have a website, if you can it change anything?

In addition to creating new sites, one of our areas of this upgrade and redesign any previously created sites.

As after posting my site on the Internet I can keep track of attendance and popularity?

In our work is insert your request for counter visits GoogleAnalitics which tracked all referrals to your site, and many other parameters.

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